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Our Company

Anabellina™ is owned and operated by Excitables Inc. Established in 1999, Excitables Inc., is a trend setting privately owned and operated retail exotic lingerie company. It’s founder, with years of experience in the industry has worked closely with its parent company.

In 1999 we started our first website and put aside our sales to open our first retail store in 2002. Since 1999, our website domain name has changed many times, reflecting the changes the store made along the way.  We have designed a total of 8 websites since. 

In 2002 we had the distinct pleasure of opening our First Retail Store located in Ottawa, Canada. Created entirely of oak walls and fixtures adorned in chrome we created an enduring, tasteful, high-end, exotic lingerie store. With many loyal and happy customers and clients around the world that appreciate finely made undergarments Anabellina™, has moved to the forefront of the industry and has the freshest and hottest styles all at very competitive prices and made with very high standards.

In 2014 we had to make a very hard decision of moving from Preston. St., Ottawa, to Osgoode, Ontario, just outside of Ottawa. It was a decision that was not made lightly. Faced with increased expenses and an out of control rent, we decided to move and concentrate on the online store. It was either that or watch the prices in store increase by 50% just to pay the bills. For the time being, the store is perfect where it is.

In 2018 we changed the name of the store and launched the 7th version of our website. Anabellina ™ is now our new retail store name. Although the business name remains the same the store name had to change as we are no longer a sex shop. With a new name, logo and image we believe that our loyal cliental who appreciate finely made merchandise will appreciate the change.

In 2019 Excitables Inc. celebrated its 20th anniversary.

In the spring of 2021, the company owner published his first novel and launched a new line of books and memorabilia for people who love to read.  

In the summer 2021, Excitables Inc. launched it’s 8th version of our on-line shopping website. This new website is a multi-currency CAD & USD website and for the first time we are shipping globally.

We believe that every woman will feel beautiful and desirable wearing our very sexy line of lingerie ranging from the conservative to the daringly naughty. Our bra-sets will entice even the discriminating buyer. From exotic lingerie to peek-a-boo bras, there is something for everyone. Even our panties will make you feel wonderful with the soft materials used to make our thongs. Our swimwear is incomparable and fits beautifully. Finally, for daring women our dance/clubwear is perfect for those hot and steamy nights on the dance floor. In the men’s department our garments are also made with the same quality. Our novelty briefs for men will make every woman gasp with excitement and our swimwear for men will make any man feel his best when he is at the beach. So slip on something from Anabellina™ and let us entice your senses!

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our site and that you are pleased with our merchandise. We wish you all the best and feel free to bookmark this exciting site for future purchasing of more hot new styles.

The Management

We’re committed to excellence